this is some of the documentation i recently wrote. i try to update it regularly. if you are especially interested in a document, drop me a mail: chances are that i updated it without uploading.

i won't guarantee 100% correctness (usefulness is another issue); this was at least the way it worked for me. see yourself.

if you find grave bugs, i'd be grateful to hear about.

LDAP als Namensdienst
DragonFlyBSD installation
NetBSD netboot for Sparcstation 5
Gallery 2 on OpenBSD
VPN Uni/FH-Regensburg mit vpnc auf OpenBSD
Lean version management with OpenBSD and svn

miscellaneous ressources i deem useful:

Atheros setup for Debian/NetBSD
Spec for the Gemplus GemPC smartcard reader
Spec for the Gemplus GPR400 smartcard reader

last update: 29/12/2010